Village D-Lights now also in Europe!

Village D-Lights is a quarterly publication for and by Department 56 collectors. The publication is also supported by Department 56 and there is a regular piece to read by Melinda Seegers better known as Ms Lit Town. In 2022 we received and read Village D-Lights in the Netherlands on a regular basis for the first time. Issues have also been sent to Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Denmark, UK and Italy.

New in Europa!

Each quarter, new items are discussed and displays from other collectors can be seen. Very occasionally there are also entries from the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy and if all goes well in Q1 of 2023 another acquaintance of us from the Netherlands.

The publisher of the quarterly edition has asked us if we want to act as a kind of distribution point from the Netherlands to surrounding countries. Together with Phil Renninger, we have worked out how we can get a larger number of magazines to the Netherlands and how to get them back to the interested parties from here.

Edition Q3 of 2023 is now coming soon!

More than 40 members from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Italy have tried this in 2022 and we are preparing for a new season. The price for 2023 is €17 per issue within the Netherlands. Shipped to Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal or Italy costs €22 per issue, to the UK €23 per issue. This amount includes the purchase of the publication, international payment costs, shipping to the Netherlands, import duties, envelopes and postage to you.

I always purchase 1 year, so you buy a maximum of 4 publications, you can also join later in a season. If you do not want to renew after issue 4, the purchase simply expires after the 4th issue. You always pay in advance for a whole year. Of course I will ask after the 4th edition whether you want to continue or stop, canceling yourself is desired. NB! up is really up!

Members who have registered have received a message from us indicating that their registration has been registered. We still have a few copies, if you are interested or have any questions, write to us at:

After I get your email I will confirm it to you first and later I will send you a payment request to pay for the sheets in 2023. So depending on when you come for 1, 2, 3 or 4 sheets . At the beginning of 2024 I will ask you again to participate if you wish to stay for a new season. After that, the Q4 sheet will stop automatically and you will decide if you want to continue, then you will receive another payment request.

Register below for the new 2023 editions. We expect the first quarter August 2023;